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How to choose the best real estate agent

Choosing the best real estate agent to sell your property

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There is no doubt about it. Agents sell houses. When it comes to choosing the best real estate agent to sell your largest investment, it's vital to choose a sales consultant you can trust.

Most sellers are intimidated by the expertise required in real estate marketing, negotiation and closure. Rather than risk making errors and possible financial loss, the investment you have in property is safer in the hands of a professional estate agent. First and foremost, whether you are buying or selling, your ultimate goal should be to have a relationship with a reputable real estate agent you can trust to look after your interests.

In choosing the best real estate agent to suit your needs, take the time to meet and chat. This may well be a long-term relationship and a bit of research is a small price to pay considering the on-going communication and trust required by both parties when dealing with your property investments.



We recommend you ask these questions of any prospective real estate agent:


1. What do you like about my property?

If a real estate agent can't look around your property and address in five seconds, its best qualities, then maybe he or she shouldn't be a candidate for your sale.



2. What's your track record with previous sales in the area?

The answer will show whether the real estate agent really is a specialist in your area - or whether they are just saying they are one.



3. What are your fees and what are you offering for them?

If they can't back themselves on their fee and negotiate their own price with you, what chance do they have of successfully negotiating a great price for your property?



4. Will you be attending every inspection personally at all times?

It's unacceptable for a real estate agent to send their PA or secretary to an open home. The best real estate agent will be completely focused on selling your own property. A real estate agent with too many listings may not have the time to dedicate personal attention to your needs. 



5. Can you unlock a value for my home beyond comparable sales?

You need to find this out, otherwise, you may as well go with a cheaper agent.



6. How well do you know the area?

It can be an advantage if your real estate agent actually lives in the area. They'll then know the neighbourhood in detail and be able to sell the location to prospective buyers. 



7. Do you have a good database of potential buyers?

Already knowing people who'd be interested in your property, and who trust the real estate agent's advice, is a major advantage.



8. What do you see as the negatives about my property, and how will you overcome them?

The best real estate agent will know how to make the most out of all aspects of your property, even those that might be considered a negative point. 



9. How can you guarantee that you won't undersell my property?

A real estate agent should go through their pricing strategy and show you how they deal in the realms of possibility, rather than what the neighbours received. You should feel that the agent has given you a realistic sense of what is achievable, not just what they think you want to hear. 



Your best real estate agent is someone who will keep the contact going, like Joy Butel. Joy will give you the edge by keeping you informed about activity and trends in your local area, therefore, supplying you with superior market knowledge.

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